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Bullman Adopts Fixed Stock Option Plan

Vancouver, BC 17 Oct 2017

Vancouver, BC, October 17, 2017 - Bullman Minerals Inc. (TSX-V: BUL) (the "Company") announces that subject to receipt of acceptance from the TSX Venture Exchange, it has adopted a fixed, less than 10% stock option plan (the "Fixed Plan"), to take the place of its current 10% Rolling Stock Option Plan.

Options may be granted under the Fixed Plan for a period of up to ten years at a price not less than the "discounted market price" as defined by Exchange policies prevailing on the day the option is granted, or such other prices as may be required or permitted by the Exchange.

Under the Fixed Plan, a total of 9,000,000 common shares are reserved for issuance (being 7% of the Company’s current 128,517,642 issued share capital), 2,920,000 of which are outstanding options previously granted that were rolled into the Fixed Plan, leaving a balance of 6,080,000 available for granting.

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